• Why is North Shore-LIJ committed to hiring veterans?

    North Shore-LIJ is committed to helping those who have served our country and we've demonstrated this through our many programs. We value the skills and experience veterans can bring to the workplace. Additionally, North Shore-LIJ recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of the military and veteran communities—including helping veterans utilize their military training and experience in order to find suitable career opportunities.

  • What steps has North Shore-LIJ taken to ensure veterans are hired in the health system?

    We are an original member of Nassau County's Welcome Back Warriors project, which provides returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with information on our employment opportunities. North Shore-LIJ has also worked with the Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces program. This program helps us link our employment opportunities with veterans, connecting qualified veteran applicants to our available job openings.

  • If hired, what if I have to leave my job due to a military commitment?

    We are incredibly supportive of our employed veterans, both emotionally and financially. All team members who need to leave a job due to a military commitment will continue to receive their salary difference as offset by their military pay.

  • Will North Shore-LIJ be reluctant to hire me because I’m still serving in the Reserves/Guard?

    No. As a proud member of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), North Shore-LIJ understands the importance of ensuring Reserve Component employees are afforded the opportunity to maintain their employment status while training or deploying with their units. We support the philosophies espoused by ESGR, which allow our nation to maintain a strong defense without risking employment status of members of the Reserve Component.

  • I’m a veteran and I’m interested in having a career at North Shore-LIJ. What are the next steps I need to take?

    First, create an online profile at www.nslijcareers.com. The profile will allow you to upload your resume and enter in relevant information about yourself, such as veteran status, work history and education. Upon searching for positions, your profile will enable you to submit your application. Here you will have the opportunity to explore varying job titles.

  • I haven’t left the military yet. Can I apply to open positions?

    Yes, you can apply to available positions by visiting www.nslijcareers.com and completing the steps outlined above. Keep in mind the estimated time of separation. If you are called for an interview you will be expected to travel to North Shore-LIJ and potentially commit to a start date.

  • I’m in school and can only work evenings. Do you have positions available?

    NSLIJ offers various employment shifts as well as full time, part time, and per diem positions.

  • Are any counseling services available for veterans?

    Veterans and their family members can use the counseling services at the Mildred and Frank Feinberg Division of the Unified Behavioral Health Center and the Rosen Family Wellness Center.

  • What types of military or veteran programs exist at North Shore-LIJ?

    In 2009, North Shore-LIJ created the Office of Military and Veterans’ Liaison Services to assist the health system in supporting and caring for the military and veteran communities in the NY Metropolitan area. This office oversees and supports several military and veteran focused programs within the health system, including the Rosen Family Wellness Center and the Veterans Treatment Court programs.

    North Shore-LIJ’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (DIHL) also launched the Business Employee Resource Group (BERG) program. BERGs bring together employees who share common interests, experiences, backgrounds and cultures, and advance our mission to provide quality healthcare. Veterans or those who are interested in the military can join our first BERG, called Veterans and Allies: Liaisons of Reintegration (VALOR). VALOR brings together employees who have a vested interest in military and veteran’s affairs. Visit the DIHL page to learn more.

    In addition to the VALOR BERG, those who are in the military or have an interest in veteran affairs can join North Shore-LIJ’s LinkedIn group “Supporting Our Military” to join in discussions and engage with others who have an interest in the military. Visit our group now to see recent posts.

  • What types of activities can veterans participate in?

    Our Office of Military and Veterans’ Liaison Services participates in various events throughout the year, including organizing a large group of employees to volunteer for the Greatest Generation! Honor Flight Network of Long Island. This initiative seeks volunteer guardians to escort WW II Veterans to Washington, DC, to see their memorials. Additionally, every year North Shore-LIJ recruits employees to join our team, the North Shore-LIJ Health System Harriers, to participate in the Army Ten-Miler in Washington, DC. Proceeds from this event support Army Morale, and Welfare and Recreation—a comprehensive network of support and leisure services designed to enhance the lives of soldiers and their families. The VALOR BERG also holds a number of activities and events throughout the year. To see upcoming activities and events, visit our Events Calendar on the North Shore-LIJ Careers homepage.

  • What information should I include in my resume?

    Veterans find it challenging to condense their military experience into a two-page resume due to the various roles and skills acquired during service. The key to writing a successful resume is to explain how your military experience is applicable to the particular job description you are pursuing. If you include all your accomplishments and duties you will appear unfocused about the type of role you are pursuing.

    When it comes to the format of the resume, the expectation among recruiters is that a resume will have a standard appearance. Just as the military has set a universal expectation of how a serviceman or woman will present him or herself, recruiters set the same standards for a resume. Here are some guidelines when developing a resume:

    • No spelling or grammatical errors
    • No loud colors, such as red, orange or pink
    • Adhere to margins
    • Follow suit with listing job and educational history
    • Include full name, phone number and email address
    • Utilize same font size and lettering style
    • Include months to employment timeline
  • Should I put my military experience on my resume?

    Yes, of course. Be proud about your service to our country. Your military experience showcases your character and capability as a future employee.

  • Should I add my deployment experience on my resume?

    Yes, include your deployment experience. This will show your diverse skill set since oftentimes what you do during your deployment differs from your primary role when stateside. The addition of your deployment experience will elevate your resume and will set you apart from your competitors.

  • How should I prepare for my interview?

    Preparing is just as important as the actual interview. Prior to the interview, ensure you know the recruiter’s name and the time of your interview. You will be asked for this information during the check in process. Bring two copies of your resume in a neat and professional manner—don’t assume the recruiter will have copies of your resume. Bring a pen and paper as well to write down any key information you would like to remember and any potential questions to ask at the end of your interview.

  • Should I discuss my military experience in an interview?

    Yes, however keep in mind your audience. The hiring manager may not be familiar with the military occupations and/or requirements so utilizing civilian terms to explain your skills will allow for mutual understanding. This allows you to provide a clear picture of what a valuable addition you can be to the team.

  • Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

    Please email veteran@nshs.edu with any questions you have about employment at North Shore-LIJ or the resources we provide to veterans and their families.