RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

You may have seen the following words or symbols all over your favorite web sites:

"XML" or "RSS" or XML or RSS

They all mean the same thing: you can receive news updates from your favorite sites, without having to visit the site directly. This is known as RSS (or Really Simple Syndication). By subscribing to a site's RSS feed, you're kept up-to-date with the latest news, all in one place in your own browser.

What Do I Need?

A reader is required to subscribe to feeds. Just like you use a player to watch video or listen to music, a feed reader lets you subscribe to any feed you want and then automatically checks to see when they've been updated. From the feed reader you can view new headlines and pick and choose those articles you want to read.

There are many types of feed readers. Many of them are free and can run on your computer or through your browser. You can choose a reader that allows you to view the feeds locally from your computer, like one of the following:

Computer based: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Safari (MAC), FeedDemon, NewsGator for Microsoft Outlook, Attensa for Outlook, NetNewsWire (MAC)

You can also read them through your browser or add them to your homepage with one of these services:

Web Based: My Yahoo!, Google Personalized Homepage, My MSN, My AOL, Rojo, Bloglines, NewsGator Online Subscribing to RSS Feedsbr> Once you have an RSS reader, you can get any feed you want, simply by following an RSS link on the bottom of a web page and clicking the subscribe button.