Educational Development

Susan Somerville

Susan Somerville
Executive Director,
North Shore
University Hospital

At North Shore-LIJ, we believe our team is our greatest asset. From day one, we’ll invest in both your professional and personal growth and ensure you have everything you need to succeed. We offer a broad range of learning and educational development opportunities, including our:

Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI)
Our in-house corporate university, CLI, is the largest stand-alone healthcare university for employees in the country. It was developed to transform North Shore-LIJ into a world-class learning organization that links its vision and goals to the personal and professional development of its employees. Continuous learning opportunities here assist in the development of the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary to achieve your career goals. Whether you are manager-level or staff-level, you may take advantage of courses including Emotional Intelligence, Writing in a Business Environment, Conflict Management, Crucial Conversations, Presentation Skills and others. As a team member, you will be encouraged to register for courses at CLI to prepare you for advancement in the health system.

Patient Safety Institute (PSI)
PSI speaks to the investment North Shore-LIJ has made in educating team members and future caregivers. This state-of-the-art facility—the largest of its kind in the region—features a human simulation lab including virtual reality technology. The Institute enables a wide variety of healthcare practitioners, nurses and other students to diagnose and manage clinical problems without risk to real patients. At PSI, team members are able to create new and realistic methods of learning. Using a computer, trained instructors in control rooms with one-way mirrors can manipulate the patient simulators to mimic virtually any medical scenario—a stroke, heart attack, smallpox, or trauma. The simulation lab offers an environment that is adaptable to all clinical levels and allied health professions. Although some courses are designed for specific clinical specialists (e.g. Nurses, Physicians, Technicians, etc.), other courses are designed to incorporate the team approach found in actual clinical settings. North Shore-LIJ’s Patient Safety Institute also provides mass disaster training for hospitals and first responders.

Nurse Education Programs
North Shore-LIJ offers a wealth of nursing education programs for training, developing and maintaining nursing skills and competencies. Offerings include applied nursing processes; transition skills for nurses, knowledge-based charting, leadership development classes, online competency training for influenza vaccinators, and others.

Performance Management
Our performance management process is designed to ensure that team members are working together to meet our system’s goals, while demonstrating our values and core competencies. The process fosters open dialogue between each team member and his or her manager, to discuss the team member’s performance in regard to his or her goals and objectives over the prior year. Each team member also works with his or her manager to create an Individual Development Plan to align with the member’s career goals.

High Potentials Program
North Shore-LIJ created our High Potentials Program to build a pipeline of leaders, and further develop those who exude a “high potential” for success. Members of this unique program have excelled at demonstrating their commitment to the health system’s mission, vision and values. If nominated for this program, you will gain broad exposure to experiences and tools to support your development, as well as opportunities to interact with a variety of senior level executives.

Tuition Reimbursement Program
All full-time team members who have completed one year of service may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through North Shore-LIJ. In addition to other qualifying schools, this program may cover the entire cost of earning an MBA in Healthcare Management through Hofstra University, and a Nursing Doctorate (DNP) through Case Western University.